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History of TJs Biomedical Imaging:

TJs Biomedical Imaging (TJs for short) officially opened its doors in April 1997. Its origins started much, much earlier. It started in 1991 with Tracy Abildskov working as a research assistant for Dr. Erin Bigler in his Brain Imaging and Behavior Lab at Brigham Young University. As a research assistant He was called upon to fulfill a variety of duties. The first and primary drive was to visualize the brain in all of its complexity and grandness. A stylized version was not acceptable. What was asked for was to visualize the actual brain of the patient, not just a generic model. This was necessary to answer the question “How does the brain affect behavior?”.

To accomplish this task a variety of modalities to image the brain: CT, MRI, DTI, fMRI, fcMRI, PET, SPECT & MEG, were looked at. You can find the results of some of that research by looking at the LinkedIn page. Each modality gives us more information regarding someone who has had a Traumatic Brain Injury so we can better understand there brain.

It is this pursuit of science that pushes me forward. It is my understanding of the brain that instills in me compassion for those with neurological or neuropsychiatric disorders. It is my hope that someday I can help with more than images of the brain but also with therapies that will allow someone with a Traumatic Brain Injury to recover.

Below are some examples, in no particular order, throughout the history of TJ’s Biomedical Imaging that show what I have done for others and what I might be able to do for you.

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