Demonstrative Exhibits Illustrated:

TJ’s Biomedical Imaging (TJ’s) originally was created for those who had experienced a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and to help those who are trying to help them. Doctors and Lawyers have a difficult job trying to get others to see and understand why there patients or clients act the way they do. At TJ’s we work with Doctors and Attorneys by taking in the medical records like reports and scans and have them read into the computer. Next we take sophisticated software and turn that data into three-dimensional models. These models can then be turned into illustrations that Doctors can use in their reports. They can also be used to explain to others who are not fluent in medical or legal matters i.e. (Demonstrative Evidence) to more easily understand why this group needs patients, compassion and help just to get by.

  • TJs Biomedical Imaging - 3D PDF - Injured Brain

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Few can Match The Accuracy of TJ’s

TJ’s does what few others can do. We have the ability to make models that truly reflect what is found in the records. Occasionally that level of accuracy is not necessary but isn’t it nice to know that you can get it if you need to.

Solid Foundation Has Been Laid WHATs NEXT?

The windows now open up to a host of possibilities. Do you want side by side comparisons? If you do then there are interactive presentations that might be of help. Do you want to send a file home with the client or Doctor that they can interact with while not having to learn a complicated interface? Then our interactive 3D (i3D) PDf file might come in handy. Do you need things integrated with the rest of the medical image data for a Medical Professional review? No problem, we have tools that allow translation into medical formats as well as integration with standalone PC & MAC based medical viewers. Do you need to hold in your hand a physical models of the injured brain? We can help with that too. We have our own 3D printers. Do you need demonstrative evidence, animations, posters, medical illustrations or virtual reality environments? Once again no problem, with 20+ years of experience, there are lots of possibilities and we would be glad to help.